Given the growing need for expertise in -Omics fields, we have developed expertise in the collection, analysis and exploitation of data from cutting-edge technologies (sequencing/NGS, RT-qPCR, NMR, etc.).
We offer a custom service, covering individual parts or the entirety of your projects (from establishing the protocol to the final analysis report).

Soladis’s expertise guarantees:

• personalized, high-quality analysis of your -Omics data,
• assistance in exploiting your data, whatever the technology or field (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics or metabolomics).

Soladis OMICS increases the value chain of your data processing on several biological levels, from gene sequencing to protein and metabolic structure expression.
Like other Soladis BUs, we work in various fields, covering the human, animal and plant worlds, all the way down to the study of microorganisms applied to environmental issues, for example.


• Whole genome sequencing (WGS), whole exome sequencing (WES), de novo sequencing
• Quality control / data cleansing
• Genotyping, SNP, DNA rearrangements
• In silico identification/analysis of biomarkers and genes of interest
• Annotation (structural and functional) and genome annotation
• Comparative genomics
• Metabolic reconstruction

• Study of DNA modifications: DNA methylation, histone modification, DNA-protein interactions using ChIP-seq data, ChIP-onChIP, Hi-C and more.

• Genomic analysis of the microbiome (characterization of microbial diversity, search for genes of interest for Ab resistance or virulence)
• Functional analyses (Shotgun)
• Metatranscriptomics


Transcriptomics and metatranscriptomics
• Analysis of differential expression profiles from RNA-Seq, qPCR
• Detection of low levels of RNA expression from single cell RNA-Seq
• RNA-protein interactions (CLIP-Seq)
• In silico identification/analysis of biomarkers
• Splicing profiles
• Non-coding RNA, miRNA, circulating free RNA (cfRNA)
• Functional signature analysis

• Determination of protein sequences
• Differential expression analysis
• Structural analysis
• Flow cytometry data analysis, NMR
• Protein design and optimization
• In silico identification/analysis of biomarkers

• Analysis of metabolites using mass spectrometry/NMR data
• Metabolic fingerprinting

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